Actor I Creator and all rounder


I started my acting journey in 2009 with 2 weeks of intensive drama workshops then one year of drama school followed by several short-term acting courses for the next few years. You could spot my face in some TV projects like SKT LIVING's THE SPA in 2013 or PENNYWORTH in 2019, I was also cast for a small role in Men In Black: International, although that scene was cut, it did give me experience working with

Chris Hemsworth with whom I shared the scene, and my name is roll credits. With my 5'2 height,

European accent, and weird look in general, It is hard to cast me, this is how I became a 


II have been creating my own little projects such as sketches, webseries, and short films since 2010, I have over 60 projects that I wrote, directed, edited, and did all the rest. I am usually a one-man crew as most of my projects are self-funded or have no budget at all.I have done several short films that got into film festivals and generated 10s of 1000s of views on YouTube. I am currently finishing my "challenge" to film 10 Zero Budget Dark Shorts as a one-person crew. See MICRO HORROR SHORTS for more information. Most of the short films I write and direct are pretty dark however, apparently, I am also good at...


Since I was a kid I was told my face is funny, and I think this is what started the whole idea of being an actor. I am not the typical stand-up, throw-some-punch-line kind of comedian. I am more of an awkward, physical improviser. I still did not get a chance to actually show my whole comedy potential in professional settings however, I did make YouTube videos that generated over 87 million views in just 3 years with a lot of people comparing me to Mr Bean or Charlie Chaplin. I also like to create...