Lukas DiSparrow



5'2 tall, bit weird guy who doesn't take anything too serious because... WHY SO SERIOUS? 

I came to London in 2006 to pursue songwriting but, living in a world without social media (there was no facebook, twitter or instagram back then) and no way to meet people, that faded away and 3 something years after my arrival in London I found myself on a set of one of the biggest movie franchise: Harry Potter and that's where my film journey began, from meeting people on set I would collaborate with in upcoming years to getting some small parts in commerials, TV and other Hollywood projects. Then in 2019 I accidently went viral on YouTube with my fake parodies of GOT TALENT shows where I would put myself in front of a green screen and do some silly magic tricks, those videos would get between 300k-over 9 million views and now 100s of 1000s of people think I am a magician.

In February 2021, I decided to start TikTok with the same magic videos and the story has repeated itself with 1000's of followers and millions of views.

I also write scripts, although I am aware my writing is not the best, I have ideas and stories but, when it comes to dialogues I know it is missing a lot - that's work in progress :) 

Goals? Be in some good comedy movies and have at least 2 seasons of my own original Netflix series. So, Netflix, call me! :)