Once in a while I step behind camera to create my little short films.

All of them are £0 budget created with like-mined collaborative people


Christmas story about a little boy meeting Santa in woods.

Directed by: Lukas DiSparrow 

Written by: Lukas DiSparrow

Cast: Pete Watts, Hector Bateman-Harden

Director of Photography: James Williams | Boom Operator: James Haslam | Make Up: Lucy Peach | Music by: Mark  Fabian | Sound Editor: Mark Fabian | Sound Design: Michael Kumar | AD: Lew Holloway

You and Me now (2012)

A gross thriller inspired by Japanese Horror Cinema. It tells a story about love, addiction and obsession.


Created by: Lukas DiSparrow

Starring: Suan-Li Ong, Mark Chiu, Jaime Ong


Camera: Jay Rainsley | DoP: Lukas DiSparrow

Sound: Jose De Faria| Props: Sarah Mendoza


The YouTube Movie about how far one can go for popularity

Directed by: Lukas DiSparrow

Written by: Nikki Amory

Story by: Lukas DiSparrow

Cast: Jon Duffy, Matthew Kenny-Wright, Sandra Michelle

Director of Photography: Can Yildiz | Boom Operator:  Ben Cheung | Location Manager: Anette Martinsen | Make Up: Lucy Peach | Music by: Rupert Uzzell | Sound Editor: Mark Fabian | Sound Design: Michael Kumar | Stylist: Vivien Wilson |

PIZZA BOY (2016)

Elsie thought all she'd get was her regular takeaway; instead she got a lesson in manners.

Directed by: Lukas DiSparrow, Nikki Amory

Written by: Lukas DiSparrow, Luiz Forster

Cast: Lukas DiSparrow, Rayanna Dibs, Lewis Holloway

Director of Photography/Editor: Lukas DiSparrow | Camera Operator: Kieran Campbell | Boom Operator:  Saverio Coppolino | First AD: Ada Chyrowska | Second AD/Location Scout: Lewis Holloway | Make Up: Lucy Peach |

Dawn in Paris (2012)

This is a little short love story about a sleepwalker in Paris who meets a beautiful female tourist. Due to our sound equiptment failure to save the story I have turned it into a black and white silent movie.


Created by: Lukas DiSparrow