London Actors Showreel Production

London based affordable production of actors showreels:

I am a one-person crew. Filming on Sony a7IV (full frame, 4K), using Rode Wireless II lavalier mics. I offer to film and edit your acting reels for a very affordable price from £60 per scene. The final cut is done within a week.

You will need to find:

- Scene partner (you can split the costs!)

- Suitable locations.

I can give you small scripts/ideas which you can make your own.

Each scene should be LESS than 2 minutes - ONE PAGE SCRIPT.

One scene - £100

Two scenes - £140 = £70 per scene

Three Scenes - £180 = £60 per scene

Fees include:

- Filming (one day)

- Editing.

- Script ideas

- One revision

The final edit is usually done within a week

NOTE: Other costs might include PARKING!

You can also keep all the raw files if you'll want to.

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